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This is a tentative plan for the Rainbow Sprout Ranch Herb Garden in Goleta. What do you think?!

A Blueprint for a Sustainable Food System

Jellyfish replacing fish in over-exploited areas.

Calendulas!! These guys are YUMMY in a salad!

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Urban Aquaculture, since the ocean’s getting pretty dirty as it is… check out the article

here’s a great garden, and a fantastic french accent to accompany.

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a good story behind these zarco beans

click the picture for something to complain about! quote bomb: “The unmistakable fact is that power plants are responsible for 49 percent of all water withdrawals in the United States, more than the combined amount withdrawn for drinking water and agriculture.”


Strawberry bread and ice cream, bread still warm…


Strawberry bread and ice cream, bread still warm…

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part of an amazing documentary on trees

click the pic for a very long but incredibly informative piece on The Elusive Green Economy

whack this, this golf ball is made out of biodegradable lobster shells

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PLANT BILLBOARD!!! Great idea, but still, drink water or make your own flavored drinks!

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